Clean slate or dirty plate?


Woe, woe, woe is me,
I’m having trouble with WP.
Am I an island or is it a trend,
a tangle of issues which bloggers can’t mend?
I don’t want to contact the happiness crew;
they’ll say I’m to blame, so what can I do?
My plate is stained, it’s sullied and old,
I’ll grab a clean slate and spurn the mould.

Is anyone else having these problems with WP?

The cogs that used to keep my blog running smoothly appear to have chipped a few teeth. I don’t know whether it was my angst or humour that wore them down. I’m not sure of the cure, since I have so many issues. and the last time I went to the forum for help, although I was passed on to a ‘happiness engineer’ who sorted the problem out, I felt as if my wrist had been slapped when I was accused of following blogs simply in order to get them to follow me; a claim that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have nothing to sell and I’m not an attention junkie. I write. I’m pleased when anyone reads my poetry, but I won’t wave  a flag to grab your attention.

Once again, when I click the ‘follow’ button on a blog, I am ignored. I don’t want to go back to the forum and be treated like a naughty girl. The engineer told me I mustn’t follow too many blogs at one time since it wouldn’t be possible to sort it out again? Not possible! That’s ridiculous. Now, in addition, I have difficulties when I visit upgraded blogs. ‘Like’ buttons don’t switch to ‘liked when I click on them and if I try to comment, I’m informed that I’m logged out – though I’m not – and requested to log in.

Incidentally, I’ve always kept my list below 100, and I currently follow 68, which is considered an acceptable number. Some of them have been inactive for quite a while, but I don’t want to cease following them, since they might become active again. I used to check out the first posts of new blogs, to give them company and encouragement. I’ve stopped all that, as I feared that it might have contributed to the problem. Gee, WP, thanks for discouraging me from supporting new blogs.

There’s more; I’m trying to clear a backlog of drafts, but I often find I can’t access them. Sometimes I have trouble posting responses to readers’ comments and I have to go into admin and access my comments page in order to reply. I wonder if the clunkiness I’m experiencing is a cunning plot dreamed up by WP to nudge us freewheelers into upgrading. Me? I wouldn’t dare, in case I have similar difficulties after paying my subscription.

This difficulty of communicating is putting me off reading, and often when I do read, I feel too pissed off with the faulty system to comment, so I creep quietly away. It’s also putting me off posting; if I write, but never appear show my face on other blogs, I feel as if I’m being insulting. I write every day, but few of my poems reach my blog.

I’m considering starting afresh: new blog, still with WP so I don’t lose touch with my friends, but with a new email address so that WP’s bug doesn’t follow me around.

I’d rather serve food on a clean slate than a dirty plate.

Comments please.
Commentaires s’il vous plais
Kommentare please
Comentarios por favor
Commenti per favore
opmerkingen u
Kommentit please (this one is for Raili)
kommentarer Vänligena
Lorg ma’s do thoil e (6 points if you can pinpoint the language, 10 if I’ve got it wrong and you can correct me)
adow plegya (10 points for knowing this one)



I was about to post an image of a new slate when this gecko crawled onto it.


©Jane Paterson Basil

32 thoughts on “Clean slate or dirty plate?

    1. It’s frustrating. I’ve pretty much made up my mind to build a new site. I’ll be write a goodbye post on this site before I go. I’ll include a link to the new blog, and I’ll leave this one open in case I want to revisit it.

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  1. Oh, Jane, what a catalogue of issues you’re dealing with. I follow 88 blogs and have none of your problems – so far! I’m so sorry I can’t give you advice on anything, I’m so technically hopeless. I hope it’s sorted soon though. Wouldn’t want to lose touch.

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    1. I’m sick of it, so I’ll start again. I don’t want us to lose touch, either – although I’ve been a bit distant recently. I’ve been keeping to myself, avoiding the danger of conversation in case I carry it in the wrong direction, thereby twisting the knife that I’m trying to retrieve from my gut (see what I mean?), focusing on numbers. Maths calms me down. I’ll leave a link on this blog, and gradually add all my friends to my new ‘follow’ list. I don’t want to go too fast, for fear that it will all go wrong again.

      Maybe my erratic behaviour is to blame. Robots are not designed to rake into account personal issues which might affect blog activity.

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      1. Send me the new link when you’re ready. As I say, let’s not lose touch. Love and hugs to you. If you haven’t tried Suguru puzzles, do search them out – Puzzler magazine print little books of them. I got a bit hooked after my son bought me one. Great fun and very absorbing

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          1. I’d hate to lose touch too, Jane. I’m a bit of a light weight when it comes to puzzles, so some of the Sugurus might be too easy for you. Fun though. And yes, they’re definitely online. x

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  2. Jane, I’ve had some of those problems myself. It has worked for me to “refresh” my blog. I always forget the location of the WP button for refreshing the blog, but if you search WP for it, I think you’ll find it. You will loose any add ons you have. But you can always reinstall them. You’ll keep most everything else.

    Clear your catch before refreshing.

    I have to run to a lunch appointment. Good luck, if you do it.

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        1. I’m glad you showed up, Paul. The thing is… I don’t want you to think I’m THAT kind of girl… I mean… I don’t do this with just anybody… but you’re special to me… I hope you’ll still respect me in the morning… I promise I won’t expect you to marry me unless you want to (you do want to, don’t you?) … I wouldn’t suggest this if I didn’t love you – oh Christ, this is so embarrassing… could you… could you find my button please. I’ll deal with the consequences if you’ll just put your finger on my button.

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            1. I’d be asking you to lick my button right now if you hadn’t blown it by sending me a link to that video. It was so scary that I’ve gone off the whole idea. I don’t mind a bit of fun, but I don’t want to be obliterated by your tongue, much as I love it.

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      1. I am blown away by your incredible gifting of words and the way you express yourself. I am hoping we can talk at some point. I believe you have been a source of help for my drug addicted son on a personal level. Thank you for your time.

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        1. Hi Denny. You commented on my blog, Making it Write, back in June. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I’d begun a new blog and this is the first time I’ve logged on to this site since. I’d be very interested in talking to you. I’ll watch out for a response from you


    1. Last night I got quite excited with the idea of starting again. I created a custom header which included the title and a tag for my site, only to discover that I can’t find a WP template I like which supports it. I have a stubborn streak; I’m still looking.


  3. Damn, that’s horrid. My blog is a freebie too.

    I’ve had a few minor issues on and off, Nothing of late. I must say my experience with the happiness engineers (what a name!!!) has always been very good.

    And I keep my follows to well below 100 too, managing them much like you. I do still pay a visit to each new follower and read one or two posts leaving comments.

    Do you clear our your spam folder? I do that first thing every day. The number of spam has dropped markedly. If it seems to be a chain of comments linked to a particular post I turn off the comments option. I don’t know if spam has any impact on what is happening to you. Just thought I’d throw that in.

    Didn’t know there was a refresh button for the blog. Good luck. Hope it works.
    Don’t forget me.

    PS – thanks for the Finnish invite to comment!

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    1. Of course I won’t forget you. You’re right up there at the top of my list.

      I keep up with my spam, and I’ve noticed there’s been far less recently. I put it down to me blocking the weirdos that comment on the post entitled ‘Self-Imprisonment’. It was an awful post but 2 years later it still gets attention. Being curious to see how long it will continue, I haven’t closed comments.

      I can’t find the reset button anywhere. Maybe I’ll ask Paul S. if he can try to remember where it is and tell me. I like to encourage his coarser side 🙂

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        1. Thanks for the link, Paul. I took a look at the video, and decided that rather than reset, I’ll go forward with my plan for a new site. The thing is, although I write all my poetry my office suite, I do a final edit on my blog, so if I reset I’ll lose all several years worth of finished pieces.

          I’ve designed my new site with a custom-built header on which the Title and tagline are integrated, rather than picking from WP’s limited ranges of fonts. You’ll see what I mean if I ever pluck up the courage to scribble on my virgin slate and click the publish button.

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  4. I hope you’re testing out your new site to ensure it doesn’t ALSO have the bug, before you shut down the old blog?
    WP is a bit janky. Every time I try to unfollow someone it unfollows someone else I didn’t click on. I accidentally unfollowed several people I liked before I realized this was happening. Now I don’t trust the system! You can’t trust the system, Jane!!!

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    1. I’m not planning to shut this blog down, just leave it floating in case I want to pick it up again – and I have links to folk that I won’t be able to find if I close it down

      I live in the UK, so I haven’t trusted the system for the past 45 years.. but I’m steering a bit too close to politics with this 🙂

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        1. I’ll be sure to leave a link, and I’ll follow you from my new blog, which will be up and running as soon as I feel inspired to write an opening post.

          I’ve only ever heard that song in the background, so the lyrics passed me by. I didn’t know what I was missing. It’s brilliant! Shocking waste of a chocolate birthday cake tho 🙂

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