Introducing Joshua

Introducing my beautiful new grandson
Joshua Reuben Galliford
Born 10.27 pm Monday, 28th August
At Southmead Hospital
Birth weight 6lb 12oz (3.62kilo)

Image: Joshua, 18 hours old.

With gratitude to the delivery team at Southmead Hospital. A special thank you to the amazing midwife, Sandy, who delivered him.

I watch,
knowing that which she
can only imagine, yet her agony
does not outreach her anticipation.
Even the searing pain fails
to twist her into anger
or fleeting regret.

As I watch, I remember
the first time I held her,
hoping that her life be joyous –
a hope which she now fulfils.

Sandy is reassuringly calm, but I detect a flicker of urgency as she glances toward the monitor, the instant before she tells Laura to grasp her legs, pull them toward her, and push. The baby needs to emerge very soon.

For an instant,
fear traps our lungs,
but Sandy silently commands
our trust. We exhale and it feels
like the room breathes with us.

Laura is magnificent,
as if she had given birth
a hundred times before.

My chest swells with pride
while I try not to enter the space
that exists between this mother
and her successfully married child.

Tomorrow, she will speak of trauma, not comprehending the strength she showed as her son was expelled from her womb. I will tell her she she was brave. I will say she made it look easy, but she will not believe me.

After a time,
the recollection of pain
will dim, becoming little more
than a tale she tells; an acceptable
paragraph or two
in her unique story.

One last push
and the room explodes with love.
Mother and son are skin to skin.
She holds him, kisses him.
He is beautiful.

She speaks his name, Joshua.
crooning in the soft tone that she used
all those months while he grew inside her.
He turns his head. His blurry eyes
seem to seek and quickly find
the face of his mother.

is a violent, traumatic act, and yet
within a minute or two of his emergence,
he is contented,enfolded by
my daughter,his mother,
his whole little world.

He recognises her.

When she speaks,
the very sound describes the deepest,
truest love.

In the days that follow,
Laura’s is the only voice
he responds to.

I leave my miraculous Phoenix
smiling softly, watching her long-awaited son
as he suckles at her warm breast.

Didn’t she do well…

While this is about Laura, her husband deserves an honourable mention. Dave is a caring, experienced father who adores his new baby son.

©Jane Paterson Basil

27 thoughts on “Introducing Joshua

  1. Thank you dear Jane for sharing the families wondrous and successful birthing event with me… your words brilliantly and passionately took me into a world of pleasure and joy….. that unfortunately was not be a piece of my/our life’s story……
    Sincerely wishing Mum, Baby, and the loving Grandma are healthy and going well ((Hugs))

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  2. Ah, Jane, this is amazing! What a gorgeous little boy – he’s beautiful. I’m so very glad for you, for Laura and Dave, such a wonderful thing. May that lovely little family give great joy to each other and to you. Very happy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lynn… think you have some idea of ho proud I am of Laura, and how much this baby means to my family. Changing the subject… Dave told me there were only two flower shops at Clifton. Yes, I know that’s ridiculous. I didn’t believe him. but I’d been saying I wished I could buy flowers from where you work, and he said that his son would drive me round. Like a fool, I thought it was worth a try. The flower shops he mentioned were both in Clifton village where a a loaf of sliced probably costs fifty quid. The first one had some beautiful exotics, then I went on to one around the corner which was managed by someone who talked like a Sloane Ranger. On seeing some rather nice clematis, I thought maybe I’d buy the flowers there, since I realised I wouldn’t find you. asked what my budget was and I asked her what a decent bunch would cost. She must have seen that my jeans were MS (Oxfam). so she suggested a mere £35. She gathered a bunch of laurel that I could have nicked from a neighbour, added a few wispy flowers and asked if there was any other bloom which took my fancy, since I was near my limit. When I pointed at a rose, there was a long silence. I’m sure she was considering how to tell me that the rose cost the same as a sliced loaf from up the road, so I said I’d remembered that Gypsophila was Laura’s favourite flower – I’m afraid that’s true – and since she didn’t have any… and left her holding her bunch of leaves. I went to Tesco and made up my own enormous bouquet from individual flowers – including Gypsophila. I’d never before noticed that the stuff stinks of urine that’s been unsuccessfully masked by perfume…

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      1. Haha! I think I know which flower shop you’re talking about – lovely but very expensive. We’re not in ‘Clifton village’ as such, but on Whiteladies Road in a shopping centre a short way up from the BBC. We’re not as ’boutiquey’ as the place you visited and our prices reflect that. And yes, gyp smells bad, doesn’t it? We have a French customer who refuses to have it because it smells ‘of piss’!
        So happy for you all. I hope mum, dad and baby are doing brilliantly x

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  3. Congratulations, Jane! I couldn’t stop smiling while I was reading the post and right now, I feel so emotional, I don’t know what to say. I have been a little busy because of which I have been away from blogging. I hope you have been and are well. Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

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  4. Who would ever have thought you’d get here … nothing less than a miracle! So glad all are healthy and happy … Laura looks like a younger version of you Jane, so alike.

    Congrats Granma, I hear the pride and contentment in this … well done all of you ❤

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