I’ll be sorry tomorrow

A small glass of wine

is perfectly fine

when you need to unwind

unless you’re the kind

who finds

themselves lying on the floor at the first sniff of alcohol, holding a one-sided conversation with the carpet, and as soon as you manage to pull yourself into a sitting position you post a poem that will embarrass you once you have sobered up.


©Jane Paterson Basil

20 thoughts on “I’ll be sorry tomorrow

  1. Good Effort Jane… to do the poem…. I hope you’re ok in the morning….. although I need a drink at the moment… i’m choking on smoke here today……. and I’m 300 miles away, imagine how bad it is on the fire fronts…….xx

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          1. I’m emotional distraught Paul….
            An estimated HALF BILLION, Animals have perished
            Most of the animals didn’t make it down the ridges
            Nothing will be the same in my time q

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    1. Thank you Paul. The rare urge to drink was brought on by a visit from an incredibly stupid neighbour. My one-sided conversation with the carpet was far more interesting than listening to his favourite chat-up line; a list of his imaginary ailments. His favourite one used to be incontinence, with a description of the time he was on the motorway and didn’t quite make it to a service station. He even described the consistency and smell of the resulting mess.

      No wonder I choose to be celibate!

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      1. Isn’t he the neighbor you caught taking notes while reading my friend’s debut poetry book, “The Painfully Awkward Love Poems of Studly Hotpeppers”? I distinctly recall it was your neighbor who accounted for 33% of the book’s total UK sales. The other two copies went to the Royals.

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        1. You memory serves you correctly, Paul. However, the poor man cannot read very well. He thought he was buying your friend’s follow-up volume, The Peculiarly Arousing Love Poems of Stupid Hypochondriacs. He didn’t realise it was a satirical book.

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