This brave beauty
has been buffeted 
by autumn's steely breath,    
robbed of its faded cape.
Not one thread clung 
to shield it 
from winter chill. 
Twigs snap, strained limbs 
creak and break, 
yet victory is gained; the tree 
remains staunch,
tall and erect. 
by harsh wind, 
leaves crumble 
and decay into mulch 
to feed next season's 
stunning display.

©Jane Paterson Basil

14 thoughts on “Oak

    1. Thank you Raili. This is the first piece of art I’ve attempted since trying – but dismally failing to complete – something I was working on for you the Christmas before last. I guess I just got a bit too ambitious that time… xxx


  1. This makes me wish I could be a poet and know it (you prolly hate that line, but, anyway…) – and it also makes me so glad that YOU ARE that poet – and you’re not afraid to show it (again, forgive the corny cliches)!

    In other words, Beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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