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How did I get to be so cynical…

be ready for all kinds of action
when love is the main attraction,
but know it could all turn to dust
if you find it is no more than lust.

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Lynn, over yonder at Word Shamble, has just come up with a nice little seven-day challenge. We get a one-word prompt each day on the subject of love, and we can write any kind of poem, or  prose we prefer, but she asks that we keep it short.

Today’s word is Attraction, and I couldn’t resist slinging a heavy metal object into the romantic machinery…

©Jane Paterson Basil

Cherish – A Sonnet

rose for F

If, when I slip into kindly sleep tonight
I dream you wake me with a loving kiss
It would please me to have you remember this
that when harsh dawn’s invading light
steals the sweetness of the night
and robs me of nocturnal bliss
I’ll hug my pillow, and smilingly reminisce
I beg you, don’t worry about my plight
I nurture the dreams which lead me to you
I breathe youthful light into them every day
I cherish you within my head and my heart
And dreaming is the only thing I can do
to ease the ache that is secretly hidden away
since impossibility has held us apart

© Jane Paterson Basil