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Salted Kisses

Esther Newton’s Weekly Writing Challenge.

This week Esther says “My challenge for your this week is for a poem. Your theme is the sea. It can be a gentle, calm sea of summer, or a raging, fierce sea of winter; it’s up to you.”


like an indulgent lover
you caress my suffering feet,
and with murmurs of solace
you calm my anguished heart,
willing me to sink into
your fickle embrace,
willing me to
be lustily consumed.

leaden clouds fill the sky.
battleship grey, they
envelop the warming sun.
a warning nudge, a prequel
to what is to come

who could doubt the
might of your rage, when,
drawn by the moon and
angered by stormy gales,
your waves thrash and foam,
forming wet mountains
with a deadly embrace

who could count the
lives you have stolen?
taking their fluids for your own
crushing their lifeless bones
into yet more millions of
particles of creamy sand
to sing to your frigid tune

yet, with the skill of hypnos,
you lead me into the dance.
my limbs gyrate to your beat
as I melt beneath salted kisses

© Jane Paterson Basil