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Showered and fragranced, she slips into well-chosen clothes; clothes with the perfect mix of sexy and casual, as if it’s only by chance that she looks that way. She smoothes down her hair and applies the right amount of make-up – not too much; she doesn’t want her look to appear contrived. She checks in the mirror, and sees the reflection of a naturally alluring woman with a lovely figure. Her disguise is perfect. She leaves the house, and walks slowly down the road, with the merest suggestion of a wiggle, a carefully designed expression of uncretainty on her face.

She catches the eye of every man she passes. They look interested, but always, something startles them, and they recoil in horror, before making a wide berth – sometimes even crossing the road to avoid walking past her. She’s getting hungry; it’s been days since she’s managed to lure anybody back to her lair.

Presently, clouds cover the sun. Shadows fade. She spots a meaty giant of a man walking her way. He sees her lost-little-girl look, and pauses to ask her if she is OK. She gives him her well-worn story about only having moved into the area the previous day, and not being able to remember her way home; it always works. He asks for her address, and offers to walk her there.

Her sensitive nose picks out aftershave, lemon soap, coffee, fresh bread, ham, the ingredients of coleslaw, an encouraging tang of lust, and knows she’ll have no trouble. Beneath those ugly scents is the delicious perfume of blood type A, rhesus positive; her favorite flavour.

She sighs in anticipation of her feast.

Written for Michelle’s Photo-Fiction Challenge

©Jane Paterson Basil


How it was


When we owned the world
our feet tapped out a tango
on sun-soaked streets,
we matched the sky atop misty mountain-sides,
and splashed our feet in storm-soaked, raging seas.
We scaled the trees in deepest forests
and through meadows we raced with flying feet.
White teeth sparkled as;
heads thrown back,
we laughed in our certainty
that we would conquer
all sadness and adversity.

And the aged ones gazed back,
revelling in our youthful glee;
surprising themselves with wistful smiles
at the memories
of their own beginner’s zest,
their trusting purity,
and the distant days when they felt free.

So, I’ve finally got around to taking up one of Michelle’s Photo Challenges. I have been meaning to do it for weeks – the images she uses are so inspiring. Thank you Michelle. .

                         ©Jane Paterson Basil