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Life #senryu


forget the mistakes

the anger, pain and heartache

life is to treasure

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©Jane Paterson Basil


Sarah and Claire #Senryu


my two golden stars

reach out their hands and lead me

forward to daylight


It’s a well known, but sad fact that when one of your children is an addict, he or she is likely to get more attention than the child who is not addicted. This isn’t through choice, but because the addict demands so much attention, and brings so much pain that it is hard to focus on anything but the bare minimum. My two younger children are addicts, while my older daughters, Sarah and Claire are lovely, caring mothers with decent lives. Much as I love and appreciate them, they rarely get a mention on by blog. They have been bravely supportive throughout the difficult years, although the addictions of their siblings hurts them too, and this Senryu is a small tribute to them – far less than they deserve.

In this week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge Calen asks us “If you were lost, what would help you find your way?”

©Jane Paterson Basil