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Untitled – Guest Poet spot

Introducing guest poet Mark Clements.

run to the hills and hide in the skies
no more worry no more demise
see you running now see it in your eyes
we are being valued by the enterprise
the price of your life don’t think twice
you’re worth more than that take my advice
just care for nout but whats inside
gotta work hard gotta sacrifice
gotta carry on for the rest of the ride
gotta love hard for the life of your tribe
gotta keep up that high vis vibe
its not black and white it ain’t about sides
just keep loving with the turn of the tide
and reap the benefits of your own pride

Months ago, my eldest Grandson, Mark, promised to submit one of his poems. He’s finally delivered not one, but two raps. He plans to take up a career in music, and is set to begin a specialist degree course in September.

Instinct for survival

three line tales micro fiction and micro poetry writing challenge

Photo Credit Sonya

She had told herself that this would be her last day; that her life would end with the setting of the sun.

She felt the water carrying her towards a violent place which would overcome her ability to survive. It was what she had planned.

Her terrified heart beat painfully, and her lungs screamed for survival. She turned back, towards the shore. Maybe she’d find the courage tomorrow.

Posted for Sonya’s 3 Line Tales

©Jane Paterson Basil

Attempted solitude

he came to me in a dream,
smiling; complete in death as he had never been in life

his assisted suicide had been a success
he was happy, confident, complete
but it was different for him than for me
with no family to pull him into the future
he had stared, shocked and bemused
as his ailing body spat out his faculties
until he took the upper hand

I attemped solitude
shut myself away, barred the obvious entrances,
but had not the courage or indulgence
to seal the yawning cracks
through which love and pain enters

every day I make the choice to live
with the heartbreaking crash of chance and humanity
and with its great and little pleasures and consolations
rather than sail into his placid white silence

©Jane Paterson Basil



I want to
sleep and I
want to live and
I want to feel well
and I don’t want my
brain to be in
crisis and I don’t
want to feel
tired and faint
and I
don’t want these
strange electric shocks
that course through my body and
make me shake
discomfort and fear
loom large in
my head and so many
memories of so many
dead who were
still almost children
parade past my face
and I want them back
in this life with
their families
and I
want my children freed
from addiction
so that they will be well
and not die prematurely
and I don’t want to be
the next grieving
mother and I
want it all to


but tomorrow I’ll
wake to a bright new
morning and I’ll hide
all the horrors
beyond my vision
I’ll be perky and
jokey and you won’t
remember that I’m
not really brave
I’m just
trying to

© Jane Paterson Basil