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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five.”

Today’s daily prompt is to write a post that is missing one letter. As an extra challenge it can be a vowel that choose to send to coventry.

BeFunky_Alphabet splash.jpg

Twenty-six letters in the alphabet
free to take, no debt to pay
to shape into words and take away
in my head or on paper; however I wish
woven into a tasty dish,
of sentences, paragraphs and chapters divine
a thrilling nibble on every line
to entertain, to please or give pain
or even assist with calming the brain
zany jokes or razor sharp wit
in careless style or artistically clipped
fact or fiction, short or long
in prose or poem, in speech or song
Let’s celebrate letters and words on this day
for the gift of providing something to say.

all of the letters are in this rhyme
except two; one to save for another time
while the other one needs it to make a word
so proper spelling will be deferred.
I’ll qell my qalms to manage my qest
and with twenty-five letters I’ll pass the test.

© Jane Paterson Basil