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Run, damp dolt

There’s something baffling me. It’s been on my mind ever since the US Presidential election.  It’s about a bloke called Donald Trump. I don’t remember when I first read about him, but I do remember that what I read wasn’t positive. It was along the lines of, “He hasn’t got a chance of becoming President. He’s awful and nobody likes him.”

The second thing I read was similar… and the third… and the fourth, in fact, in the run-up to the election, I only read one post which suggested he was the man for the job, though I read quite a few reports which suggested he was gaining popularity in certain States. Meanwhile, reams of good people on the blogosphere (and the online writers’ group to which I belong) were seething with righteous indignation about his policies and his character flaws.

Election day came and went, and the world learnt the shocking news; the bloke that nobody liked was to be the new President.

So who voted for him? Where are they all?

Now to the point of this post. “Donald Trump” can be made into loads of fun anagrams. I’ve used one of them as title for this post. Here are just a few more:

  • Dad plum torn
  • Damp old runt
  • Damp old turn
  • Darn Lord Punt
  • Darn mud plot
  • Do lad Mr Punt
  • Drat Don Lump
  • Dump land rot
  • Lamp Don Turd
  • Lamp odd runt
  • Lam pond turd
  • Lop damn turd,
  • Mud trod plan
  • Nut damp Lord
  • Pant lord Mud
  • Plod mad runt
  • Tan Lord Dump
  • Mop land turd
  • And old trump

The last anagram can be tagged on to several of the previous ones, to make a great sentence, for example:

  • Tan Lord Dump, and old Trump
  • Lop damn turd, and old Trump
  • Mop land turd, and old Trump.

Now for a couple of wonderful anagrams of “President Donald Trump”, found on http://www.anagramgenius.com/archive/president-donald-trump.html

  • It portends mad plunder (by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons)
  • Impudent plodders rant (by Curtis Claar using Anagram Genius)


(I was going to head this post with a mugshot, but I didn’t want to ruin the look of my blog.)


©Jane Paterson Basil

Choking on anagrams


He dislikes tight, white collared shirts.
Dreaming of Thai tees,
of cotton cooling wild ETSI heat,
he fumbles at his throat ~ tie haste.

Ties heat;
He hates tie, while I hate ties.
I make plans to pay a sea tithe
in pennies of pain.

I hesitate,
then eat heist, choking,
swallowing salt water.

Maybe he cries,
wallowing in self-pity.


Written for The Daily post #Hesitate

©Jane Paterson Basil