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I can’t believe I spent so long on this…


I hope you won’t think
that I’m fishing for pity, or some reassurance;
I could not bear the idea of that,
but a burning issue is seeking attention,
and it’s worth a mention,
so this is the thing, you see;
I just no longer like being me.

I hate to confess the breadth of my reasons,
and I can’t blame the troubles that came my way,
or the way my life has generally been,
so nobody else is to blame;
it’s only because I am me.

I will put it succinctly:
I no longer
respect myself.
So I will be brave
and straight to the point,
as I stand here before you…
stripped to the hips.

Does my bum look  pretty,
is it pert and flirty?
Do you think it is priceless
or simply  blown out and flabby and big?

It wasn’t a bad poem to start with, but I had to make all sorts of changes to force it into the shape of a woman’s body. Sometimes, wrecking a poem can be time-consuming and gruelling work…

©Jane Paterson Basil

Bees Without Stings


The fat
greedy corporates
flash .curious .glances .down
from windows in the sun, briefly resting
between counting money, sacking the hungry,
closing another factory and relocating in a practical,
poorer, thus more economical land where folk must work
hard hours .for a plate of rice .to keep their families alive.
The .fat. greedy corporates .show their .gleaming teeth.
They .see us .humbly .buzzing .to fulfil .their needs
that .we ..may .receive .the .least .sustenance.
It. may be. that .they .think. we are .bees.
The .fat, .greedy .corporates’ .bellies
swell. .They. know they .rely. on
our .minds and muscle, .yet
care not for our welfare,
and ..every ..week
they .steal




©Jane Paterson Basil



living room
clocks don’t tick.
to stand still,
while I pretend
that there is no tock.
hang, my lights,
my many glittery bells,
giving the bright impression
that my life, and my family are well.
I will find a way
to chase away lost days:
catch up with the relentlessly
shifting, silent clock of turning time.
I will wrap the treats my  family really need,
though few of them are found in humble retail shops.
Here’s a list of all the gifts I want to give: health, happiness,
love, love,
love, love,
love, love,

©Jane Paterson Basil

A Fish And A Dish

dish 1

What is life, if; full of care, we have no time to play with this amazing tool.

A few days ago, Lynn Love made a comment below one of my posts, to the effect that if she tried to stay up late writing, as I do, she would end up typing the word ‘fish’ over and over. I was – erm – inspired to – um – compose this – uh – visual poem, and I dedicate it to Lynn. If you haven’t already discovered her work, I recommend you check out her brilliant blog.

Important Announcement
Making it Write will shortly be posting a mature and sensible post.

© Jane Paterson Basil