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Commitments and decisions
swirl in a simmering curry of confusion.
Bubbles pop, spices sting the eyes.
Exhaustion blurs the colours
into sludge, sprinkled
with thrilling spots of glitter.
I dare not explore the flavours
or add the smallest a dash of doubt;
it is my duty
simply to cook each course to perfection,
not ignoring a single side-dish.

©Jane Paterson Basil


Need to sleep…

In the fridge
delicious home-grown broccoli
~ a funny Mothering Sunday gift ~
slowly withers, as it waits
to become the best bit
of a favourite dish.

I sleep on.

Bruised avocados
flow through my dream.

Tomatoes split.
Leekage feeds silver threads of mould
which sit like velvet silk
on ruined red skin.

Cheese may start to stink,
but this house will not tumble or tilt
if I sleep on.

©Jane Paterson Basil