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Savoury cake


no-one ever seems to make a savoury cake
no matter how often they may bake
looks like it’s gonna be up to me
to initiate some innovative cookery.

mix butter and flour ’til they look like breadcrumbs
keeping it cool, and then the egg comes
out of it’s shell with a dollop of milk
beat it to the smoothness of liquid silk
stir it in to the dried ingredients
(some salt and pepper would be expedient)
throw in grated cheese, herbs and ham
oh what a clever inventer I am
a hundred and eighty should be the right heat
I’m looking forward to this culinary treat

but wait a moment, what’s the reason why
nobody has ever given it a try?
perhaps they have, and it tasted grotesque
I don’t think I want to put it to the test
or not for at least a couple of days
tonight I’ll dine on spaghetti bolognese.

Written for The Daily Post #Cake

©Jane Paterson Basil