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The worm has turned


am I supposed to be grateful?
I’ve had my fill of men taking control of my life.
it usually begins with an unwanted gift;
some are ignorantly selected,
others, deliberately designed to bulldoze my ethics.
I told you I don’t buy new clothes; I don’t want them,
won’t wear them,
so I’ll donate what you gave me to Oxfam,
an while I’m browsing
I may find some donated thing that I like;
but even by proxy, I refuse to engage
with the wasteful side of the fashion trade.

no doubt you think yourself generous
to have presented me with these feminine jeans,
but that rare time you allowed me a minute to speak
you didn’t listen;
or did you forget what I said?
while in certain places I curve like a woman,
I have the hips of a boy;
in no way am I a Marks and Spencer lady
and neither do I wish to be.

did you think you could buy me, win me
for the price of a pair of jeans which I didn’t want
and which don’t fit?
maybe if you had listened, instead of forever waffling about
your carefully manufactured troubles and
your chosen style of emptiness,
and saying
all I want is someone who loves me for myself,
you would have had more success;
but of course, if you had to listen, for even a second,
to somebody else,
it wouldn’t have been worth the stress.

The Daily Post #Generous

©Jane Paterson Basil

Love in Ten Sentences 2

Thanks to Busy lady for nominating me for this challenge. Although I did this challenge recently, I couldn’t resist having another go, as it is about love.

Details of the challenge: Write a 10 line poem with four words to each line, and each line must contain the word ‘love’. Nominate 10 people to carry on the challenge.

If you haven’t been to Darlene’s  friendly, inspirational site, I recommend that you check it out. It will warm your heart and light up your day. Don’t miss her beautiful take on the challenge.


the world needs love

generous love without expectation

innocent love without judgement

humble love without shame

love embracing all nations

love reaching all people

unconditional love of all

accepting love in return

love that encompasses us

healing, redeeming, cleansing love

© Jane Paterson Basil

These are my 10 nominations:

Sirena Ross

Jacqui Be

Roz Hill

Michelle Toussainte



Other Mary


Dr K Ottoway