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Hairy legs


comely green eyes gazed into mine
reavealing his deepest desires
eyes that could hold entire conversations
even while the lips dripped drivel

I read the language of those eyes
the plea
please love me, they cried

the promises
I’d scatter flowers for you, build towering castles in your name,
it would be a passionate game of love that only two can play
me and you, side by side, day by day…
we could be a team, I’d buy you icecream, life would be a dream…

you get the scene

and the questions
wouldn’t I like the company, a helpmate, soulmate, best mate,
a man to to rely on, a shoulder to cry on
a warm companion in my bed
why won’t I try
to be half of a duo instead

I smiled at the cliched phrases written in his eyes

I’ll tell you why, I said
I’m not inclined to shave my legs

©Jane Paterson Basil

The rich man’s table

capitalism has
gone sky high
and everyone
wants a slice;
those in poverty
read the tabloids
assuming truth
in every lie
they have the
right to vote
they draw their cross
in the box
marked suicide
because the
papers told them
it will
buy them a job
or at least supply
some human charity
they don’t know
they’re pig feed
to be tossed
into the
greed machine
and baked in one piece
just another
mundane millionaire meal
with caviar and

the rich man sits
so fat and pleased
he drinks their blood
and drips their grease
which pools and cools
around his feet
self-satisfied and at his ease
he never leaves

as we lose weight
and go to waste
he sits in state
and stuffs his face
and while we wait
so patiently

©Jane Paterson Basil