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I don’t possess a pedigree,
I’m a cross-breed of catch-me-if-you-can lunatics,
raging rebels and raving addicts.
Our abilities are widespread, ranging from
every aspect of art to maths, science
and agility. Sometimes we wear
our able hands and brilliant minds like a hat,
but when the wind blows,
the fractures in our brains become exposed.

We hold high ideals,
make plans, build beauty,
only to trip and smash it all
to smithereens.
On good days,
when we see the mess we have made
we pool our resources, pick up
the pieces and create
precious kintsugi.


Kintsugi, or “golden joinery”, is the ancient art of restoring broken items with laquer, mixed or dusted with a precious metal, often creating something more beautiful than the original.


Laura – my human kintsugi


Written for the Daily Post Word Prompt: Pedigree

©Jane Paterson Basil