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No Pain

Last night

rotted by toxins

the branch broke.

I would not have believed

that all these years of ache and tears

could be so briskly whisked away

by the last straw,

yet today

the wound

leaves no pain.


I haven’t posted here since the first of January; my depression has been so severe that I didn’t feel able to write. Suddenly, big changes have come into force. This post is to reassure you that I’m still breathing, and the air is clean.

©Jane Paterson Basil





Blogging 201 Poetry course. Assignment 2. a rather silly limerick on the subject of a journey, incorporating alliteration.

I trip down this time-torn track
With baying beasts at my back
What they don’t realise
is, because of their size
I could drop them all into a sack

When I come to the end of the trail
Unless human kindness prevail
I could find a bin
and then throw them all in
To stop them from chasing my tail

© Jane Paterson Basil