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Let’s get Naked



Where are the words that reveal me,
displaying my angles and blades;
the side you might never see,
all of my renegade shades?

Its not that I think that I matter;
it’s not that I’m self obsessed,
though compliments flatter and I like the patter,
you’ve only seen me at my best,
and if I could only show you
all of my failures and flaws,
then maybe you’d see you’re no less than me;
my faults are no smaller than yours.

Let me take off all my clothing
on a festival opening night;
let me display my self-loathing,
let you be absolved by the sight.

I want to stand bare by the window
I want to throw open the blinds;
I want you to know all my bulges and holes
and the bubbling tempest inside.
I invite you to meet me there;
let your fists cease clutching the wings,
let’s share the length of our hidden hair
and the breadth of our personal sins.

Let’s all take off our clothing
on a festival opening night;
let’s all display our self-loathing,
we can all be absolved by the sight.

If we could only stand bare;
reveal all the weakness we hide –
no need to compare, but simply to share –
we’d forgive our mistakes and lies.
In some ways we all are the same
we’ve all done weak things and wrong
so take off the blame and the ravaging shame,
and  join with me in with this song:

Let’s all march out of hiding
on a festival opening night;
let’s all fly free from self-loathing,
let’s all be absolved by the light.


I’ve been tinkering with this for a while, and I’m still not entirely happy with it. I’m not sure if it puts the point across, but I wish I was a musician. I’d like to tie a tune to it.

While I was writing, something on an entirely different note kept popping into my mind:

You can find the adult version HERE, but you have to sign in.

©Jane Paterson Basil

Hidden behind your face


writer beware
those conscientious efforts
to smooth the rough surface of your psyche
may fail

the mind is a subversive muscle
given the break
it will envelope your words
stain them dirty shades of grey
place creased and faded images of
abandoned arachnid dinners
rotting in aged cobwebs
on each fresh page
and in a pitch set perfectly for diligent readers
it will scream those secrets
hidden behind your face

so writer beware
be careful what you say
the mind may do all of these things
but maybe
that is your deepest wish

The Daily Post #Careful

©Jane Paterson Basil