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A Crack In The Mirror


image adapted from http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/293/8/7/shirley_manson_cracked_mirror_by_jbobw-d6r9pew.jpg

You’re a woman of campassion and you recognise my pain though I try to disguise it. Your empathy stirred, you smile into my eyes, and why is it that kindness makes me cry?

I am not
broken woman
I am not
walking misfortune
the hair that is shed
from a head filled with lead
the dishevelled expression
that tells of depression
belongs to another
not me

I am none of the things that you see.

I float in cream chiffon,
I dance on rich ground
wafting fresh fragrance
of blossom around
I’m gracious and graceful
my surrounding are tasteful
my carpets are white
my steps make no sound
folks stop and listen
my words are profound
by all and sundry
I’m greatly renowned

But I don’t blame you for what you see as you gently gaze and you smile at me
it’s not your fault there’s a dent in the surface, a crack in the mirror, a flaw in the glass
or whatever causes this horror you see

this warped reflection of reality.

© Jane Paterson Basil