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between two
doughy doorstops;
hope and fear.

  though spread thin,
    protects me 
        bleeding my whole heart 
            either slice of bread)
            in uncharted 
            blithe creator of

Written for The Daily Post #Sandwich

©Jane Paterson Basil

Ode to a sandwich


a sandwich can be many things depending on your mood
it can be pure delight but sometimes it’s only food
it relies on good ingredients and how they all collude
but also on the loving care with which it is imbued

I put some avocado on my seeded wholemeal bread,
sliced up nice and chunky and with butter thinly spread
I topped with spicy rocket and tomato ripe and red
I thought of adding cream cheese, but had mayonnaise inst…

Whoa, stop right there – his poem isn’t going anywhere – it doesn’t say what I want to say, which is: I had the most amazing sandwich for lunch.

This may not seem newsworthy, but if you’d had some of my animal-0.jpgincredible sandwich, I think you’d be shouting about it too. It was a vegetarian sandwich, but I didn’t take a photo of it before I ate it, so I’ve added a picture of  a different sort of sandwich, just to give you some idea of what my  sandwich looked like – though my sandwich was far more interesting, filled with appetizing green and red things – oh, and it didn’t contain  a mouse.

I’d like to express my appreciation to all those who helped me to get this far. My success is down to a host of wonderful, supportive ingredients, without whom my sandwich venture would not have got off the ground.

sandwichbreadSincere thanks go firstly to Seeded Wholemeal Bread. If it hadn’t been for S. W. Bread I would have given up before I even began. Seeded turned my raw beginnings into a horse of a different colour. Thanks also to wild Rocket, who went to great effort with his unique brand of green spiciness, and tomato who came to me from Lidl at a very low price, and has not always delivered her promise, but in this particular production she held her own , supplying a perfect combination of sweet and tart.

sandwichbutter.jpgThanks go also to sophisticated Butter, without whom my sandwich would have left a nameless longing, faintly echoing in my head; Salt and Pepper, who have never yet  let me down, and Hellmanns Mayonnaise. It’s true we fell out some time ago, owing to my lack of faith in her claim to contain free range eggs–I suspect her idea of free range differs from mine, but I recently chose to employ her ssandwichsalt.jpgervices again because a friend wanted me to make coleslaw “like the stuff you made that other time,” and as I’d previously used Hellmanns, I thought I’d better buy a jar of it. I have to admit, ethics aside, Hellmanns is my favourite mayonnaise.

I am grateful to all of those ingredients that helped to make my sandwich a resoundingsandwichavocado.jpg success, but my special thanks go to Avocado. I purchased Avocado in Lidl. She was in a box of avocados, almost hidden by a host of attention-seeking others. I almost missed her, because they’d all piled on top of her. I lifted her gently out of the box and as soon as I cradled her in my hands, I knew she was the one for me. (You have to be gentle with avocados – they’re easily hurt, and a sandwichavocadoplushurt avocado is no use to anyone).

It was Avocado that completed my sandwich. She was like no Avocado I’ve ever known. Perhaps she grew in exceptionally nutritious soil, or maybe she was particularly chersandwichavocadoplusplusished by the parent tree, or even by the sun. It could be that she was an unusually happy fruit, or simply that I used her at exactly the right moment, when she was at the point of perfect ripeness. Maybe five minutes either way would have made the difference between an acceptable sandwich and an exceptional one.

Whatever the reason, the sandwich was one of the best I have ever eaten, and I would again like to thank all those who played their part. Rarely have I received such pleasure from ripping foods such as these to shreds with my sharp little teeth, before sending them down my gullet to have their goodness converted into nourishment for me.


©Jane Paterson Basil