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Setting Goals


So… I signed up to start a blogging University Course on the 5th… then promptly forgot all about it, so I have to catch up.

The course is called Blogging: Branding and Growth. It comes at the tail end of a Shaw Academy course I signed up for, and haven’t properly followed. I need to stamp on this  pattern that seems to be  emerging. It should be easier to stick with this course, as there are no webinars, which I don’t enjoy. I prefer reading to listening to some voice droning on… and on…

I selected this course with a view to starting my new blog, which is intended to help addicts into recovery. The first task we are given is to write down three goals. As most people are doing this course for the benefit of their current blog, their goals will probably differ from mine.

  • Goal No. 1:

Publish my first post on the new blog by Monday 3rd April. This may seem like a long way ahead, but given my erratic mood changes, and the strange events which keep looming up and distracting me, it may be cutting it a bit fine.

  • Goal No. 2:

Pick up at least 20 followers in the first ten days.

  • Goal No. 3:

Trawl the site for all related blogs I can find, comment on their posts, and follow. Get noticed. Follow at least 20 sites in the first 14 days.

I don’t know whether or not these are good, or practical, goals. We’ll see.