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I refute the claim that women are from Venus, while men hail from Mars.

We’re polished and dull, we’re soft and we’re hard, we’re bulging with muscle and struggling with lard,

we’re hale and we’re and limping, we’re funny and lame, we know we are different, we’re sure we’re the same,

we’re straight, we are bi, transgender and gay, we’re proud to be naked, and hiding in shame,

we eat bloody meat, we’re veggie and vegan, we’re natural and painted, we’re humble and vain,

we are angry and calm, we’re anxious and easy, we sleep on the street and we weep in casinos,

we’re corny, authentic, pretentious and true, our shoes are from Primark and we wear Jimmy Choos,

we’re starving and sated, we’re sharp and we’re hazy, we work long days and we’re hopelessly lazy,

we’re careful and rash, we’re modest and brash, we’re African royals and poor white trash,

we explore raw truth, we ignore firm facts, we adore all life forms, we dislike dogs and cats,

dragons are inked on our arms and our backs, we think that tattoos are a foolish fad,

we’re sober and addled, we’re happy and sad, we live off-grid and we’re techno mad,

we’re chatty and silent, we’re sleepy and wired, we have logical minds and our brains are fried,

we’re a boon and a pain, we’re loose and we’re rigid,  we long to be sexy and wish we were frigid,

we’re crazy and sane, we’re brave and we’re timid, we’re plain and we’re frilly, we’re friendly and chilly,

We ruthlessly purchase the latest fashion, we buy ethical goods with fervent passion,

we’re shy and bold, romantic and cold, we stay ever youthful, and we are born old,

we ardently pray and deny blind faith, we’re natural and painted, we’re clean and we’re tainted,

we keep our secrets, we kiss and we tell, we’re fresh and we’re fragrant, we have a bad smell,

our teeth are even and gleaming and white, they’re rotting and buckled, a horrible sight,

we forego possessions and shop ’til we drop, we never eat chocolate and we never stop,

we’re left and we’re right, we freeze, hide and fight, we’re endlessly clever and not very bright,

we’re givers and takers, we’re makers and breakers, we’re overlords, underdogs, lawyers and bakers,

we’re fragile and robust, we’re slow and we’re fast, we live for the future, we’re stuck in the past,

we’re open and trusting, we hold our guard, we’re cruel to the core and kind to the last,

we’re subversive cut-throats and trustworthy friends.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

all this can be true of both women and men…

………………………………………except Jimmy Choos may not fit a size 10.


©Jane Paterson Basil