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When I was four feet tall
I believed I was immortal;

that knives
could not scar me

not drown me

not taint me

not weaken me

not change me

break me

and that strength
would never fail me.

I was confident I would shape
a sensational destiny.

Yet I am mortal after all.
No ogres quake at the sight of my face,
no lame man walked.
no blind man saw.
no orphans were fed,
peace was not restored.
I was somewhere else,
someone less;
not the giant
of my idle fantasy,
only a wind-blown flake, adept
at making a mess.

I do not scream
or beat my breast
yet I bleed.

I bleed.

I scrub at the seepage
but it will not come clean,
leaving an indelible stain
for posterity.

In recompense,
the forgiving flowers of my womb
grow over my stain,
creating a fertile garden
with fresh running streams.

They illustrate
that my bungled life
has not been
a waste.

Although this poem doesn’t contain to the wordSequester‘, it was inspired by today’s Word of the Day Challenge. I was going to give it the title ‘Sequestered in Fantasy’, since that is a good description for the way I was as a child. However, that title doesn’t suit the poem.

©Jane Paterson Basil

Choose life


You’re not a human being, you’re a human been;
you’re the worst case of foolishness I’ve ever seen;
every chance you’ve had has been thrown away,
making you the wasted soul I see today.

You’re not alone, there are millions of your kind,
taking murderous drugs that are stealing their minds,
when they could be enjoying fulfilling lives,
as gardeners and comedians; husbands and wives.

You could become a journalist, a builder or a nurse;
it may not appeal to you, but your life is worse.
You could do relief work,  assisting those in need,
instead of taking drugs while your mind goes to seed.

Get up off your arse and do something good;
learn to paint a landscape or cook some food;
enrol yourself in college or in university;
or  go travelling in India to see what you can see.

You can get your life sorted – it’s not too late
to become the master of a more exalted fate.
It’s perplexing that you want to spend all of your days
dragging through the streets in a perpetual haze.

Written for The Daily Post #Perplexed

©Jane Paterson Basil