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we spit: anarchist
we accuse

Some snap stems, discard seed 
grasp leaves, dig dirt 
until each root 
is forcibly freed, but many 
use herbicide
for ease

"Die, weed, die
we cry with glee. Double dahlias
are what we need. Chemical feed will help
us raise crowds of blowsy blooms
from cultivated seed"

Bees leave
to seek pollen that they
can reach

Along steamy streets
pockets of green tickle pavements
reaching to conceal heaped waste
which feigns
innocent sleep

Beyond greedy shops, magnates' dreams
emigrate to where labour is cheap. Concrete and steel
remain, obsolete. Filth tipped into rivers
fails to biodegrade.

Far from the plastic parade, wide roads
surrender to narrow lanes,
white lines give way to green blades.
Hedgerows parade accord between living species,
yet earth's tilth is tipped to ill-health, trees strain
to clean our mistakes and seasons
struggle to progress

A frayed leaflet
flitting in the wake of a chance breeze

Which Path Will You Take?

©Jane Paterson Basil