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Oxfam Saved me from the Sugar Monster

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I’ve been feeling rough today. I’ve got a bit of a cold, which wouldn’t usually bother me, but I’m beginning to feel feverish. Not only that, but I’m both anxious and depressed. At first I put it down to New Years Day blues – assuming such a condition exists.

It was only when I went into the kitchen a few minutes ago to make a cup of coffee that I realised what was really wrong with me;

I’m going through sugar withdrawal!

Yes, I gave up putting sugar in my coffee on Friday immediately after my mother-of-the-bride dress arrived and I couldn’t… ugh… quite do… urgh… the .. zip …up.

OK – confession time; I used to have two about eight cups of coffee a day, and two teaspoons of sugar in each.

So now you know.

There’s no way I’m sending that dress back. Check out the site I bought it from – it’s fabulous:

Oxfam online

It’s a brand new donated item and it would retail at about £400 if I got it from Ian Stuart – London, where it originated, but from Oxfam it only cost me £75.

All these years of telling myself I should give up sugar for health reasons, and I never did a thing about it, but I want to look the part for Laura, on her wedding day, so I haven’t touched a grain of sugar since, apart from four Cadbury’s fingers and whatever was in that crate of wine last night (That’s an exaggeration).

Right now I can hear the Christmas chocolates and shortbread and the mini Christmas puddings and the marzipan-filled stollen and the bottle of Barefoot Merlot taunting me, but I won’t give in……… although maybe I’ll allow myself a mug of hot chocolate at bedtime……… every night until I run out of my favourite Hotel Chocolat drinking chocolate my daughter bought me for Christmas.

Seriously, if I don’t give myself a treat  once a day until I’m used to the reduction, my head’s going to explode.

Here’s that link to Oxfam Online again. Oh, and if you like genuine vintage clothes they have an excellent collection.

You could say that Oxfam saved me from the Sugar Monster by only having the dress I wanted in one size, but helping me to become healthier is just an incidental sideline. You can read a little bit about Oxfam’s history and work HERE

OK – I confess – I just felt like giving Oxfam a little bit of extra publicity.

But it’s true about the sugar.

Image Credit: Oxfam

©Jane Paterson Basil.