How did I get to be so cynical…

be ready for all kinds of action
when love is the main attraction,
but know it could all turn to dust
if you find it is no more than lust.

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Lynn, over yonder at Word Shamble, has just come up with a nice little seven-day challenge. We get a one-word prompt each day on the subject of love, and we can write any kind of poem, or  prose we prefer, but she asks that we keep it short.

Today’s word is Attraction, and I couldn’t resist slinging a heavy metal object into the romantic machinery…

©Jane Paterson Basil

23 thoughts on “How did I get to be so cynical…

  1. Nice post! yes, it is so very sad when it all turns to dust. I found out way to late that it was just lust in spite of all his loving words, ah well… I will be more careful next, if there is a next time! Michelle

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      1. I was “manless” for seven years until last year with I met Rodney. He was just what I had been hoping to find in my life, or so I thought and then I found out is was all a lie, he is a sex addict and has many woman … but none of them know about the others… so when I found that out, I had to be done with him but it didn’t kill the love I have for him so that is the pain that fuels my poetry. i don’t plan on looking for any other men, I’m ok by myself, i like me and it is a lot less painful this way. I really thought that after seven years I would make a good choice, based on want rather than need, the choice I made was good, just that the man was false… I enjoy your writing, thanks for reading someof mine. Michelle

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        1. You must have felt so betrayed! Sex addiction is like any other addiction, fuelled by need. It takes over the addict’s life, and ruins it, along with the lives of others in their vicinity. Is it possible that he genuinely loved you, but that, being an addict, he needed more? I say this because I think that an experience such as you had may have made you feel unlovable, and perhaps tainted, and that is very sad. You were just very unlucky to run into him.
          I follow the blog of a recovering sex addict, and I have a great deal of respect for him, firstly for having the stength to step away from his addiction, and secndly for reaching out to help other sex addicts.
          Isn’t it great being able to cook what and when you want, to go to bed when you like, and to have all that space to stretch out, with nobody poking his toenails into your shin while you’re trying to sleep!


  2. I have lived with just a child in the house for over eight years now and really don’t want to live with any man, but I was very hurt by Rodney, his betrayal was complete and totally unexpected. He listen intently to me in the beginning and then became exactly the man I wanted so there I was feeling like I was the luckiest person in the world to find just the kind of spiritual man I had hoped for… Ha…all that deception, hurt etc. just for sex when he could get that from someone who didn’t care, just like him, but instead he chose good, honest loving women to use ( a few of whom i have talked to, they were equally as hurt and deceived by him, had no idea he was spending a few nights a week with me).. makes me sick… I am trying to get past this, my blogging really helps but I’m getting tired of writing about him and i’m sure my followers are getting tired of reading about him! This too shall pass… 🙂

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    1. You need to talk about it, in order to recover, and I’m sure your followers support that view.
      It’s true, this too shall pass, because you want to get over the hurt and anger. Sometimes it takes a lot of ranting before you can move on.


      1. and ranting it is… thank you for your comments, much appreciate the wise words and am glad to have found you here in the blogging world!! i am continually amazed at all the wonderful people I have met here, so positive and have reinforced my believe in the power of goodness in all of us, peace and blessings to you! 🙂 Michelle

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        1. I agree Michelle – WP is a warm and supportive place to be. I think most of us are looking for similar things – friendship and acceptance. We just didn’t know we would find it here xx


          1. very true. this is my first and only blogging experience and I never expected to have so many wonderful people to share my thoughts with and so many talented writes to enjoy reading! Really has been wonderful. I plan on retiring this fall and will have a lot more time to spend appreciating other’s work, something I am really looking forward to! Have a wonderful day. hugs, M.

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  3. Well, lust’s all fine and dandy if that’s what you’re both looking for, I guess. And never fear, it’s not just you who’s cynical, Jane. If I lost other half, there’s no way on this earth I’d be looking for another man – I don’t find many of them very attractive for a start and I’m sure they feel the same about me, which is absolutely fine. It’s a good feeling though, isn’t it – being happy enough with yourself that you feel you can do things alone?
    Thanks so much for taking part, but please don’t feel you have to do every day. Just which ever ones you feel – if any 🙂

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