Run, damp dolt

There’s something baffling me. It’s been on my mind ever since the US Presidential election.  It’s about a bloke called Donald Trump. I don’t remember when I first read about him, but I do remember that what I read wasn’t positive. It was along the lines of, “He hasn’t got a chance of becoming President. He’s awful and nobody likes him.”

The second thing I read was similar… and the third… and the fourth, in fact, in the run-up to the election, I only read one post which suggested he was the man for the job, though I read quite a few reports which suggested he was gaining popularity in certain States. Meanwhile, reams of good people on the blogosphere (and the online writers’ group to which I belong) were seething with righteous indignation about his policies and his character flaws.

Election day came and went, and the world learnt the shocking news; the bloke that nobody liked was to be the new President.

So who voted for him? Where are they all?

Now to the point of this post. “Donald Trump” can be made into loads of fun anagrams. I’ve used one of them as title for this post. Here are just a few more:

  • Dad plum torn
  • Damp old runt
  • Damp old turn
  • Darn Lord Punt
  • Darn mud plot
  • Do lad Mr Punt
  • Drat Don Lump
  • Dump land rot
  • Lamp Don Turd
  • Lamp odd runt
  • Lam pond turd
  • Lop damn turd,
  • Mud trod plan
  • Nut damp Lord
  • Pant lord Mud
  • Plod mad runt
  • Tan Lord Dump
  • Mop land turd
  • And old trump

The last anagram can be tagged on to several of the previous ones, to make a great sentence, for example:

  • Tan Lord Dump, and old Trump
  • Lop damn turd, and old Trump
  • Mop land turd, and old Trump.

Now for a couple of wonderful anagrams of “President Donald Trump”, found on

  • It portends mad plunder (by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons)
  • Impudent plodders rant (by Curtis Claar using Anagram Genius)


(I was going to head this post with a mugshot, but I didn’t want to ruin the look of my blog.)


©Jane Paterson Basil

53 thoughts on “Run, damp dolt

        1. It’s in roughly the same place as the stuff on Boris Johnson’s head, (he’s our Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (snigger).

          and it looks similar. My daughter, Claire, had dinner at his place once (it’s a long story which ended with her being uproarously rude to the silly man). I’m pretty sure she said the thing on his head was hair…. so the thing on Trump’s bonce could be a similar thing to Boris’s thing.

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  1. gave me a good laugh … our fellow bloggers who deny all responsibility are blaming Russian interference .. seems France will be using the same blame when we get their outcome today! So for all their secret services and cyber legends … they blame Russia, how did they let that happen? lol it might be more humorous for us as we have some geographical distance but it is still our planet he’s playing with …

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    1. The Russians have always been the fall guys where the US are concerned.
      I can’t understand why the human race (aside from the indiginous tribes, who have the right attitude) thinks that the earth belongs to us, rather than the other way round.


        1. I’m starting small 🙂 We have a town council election coming up next month, and I’m the candidate for the Green Party.
          That gives me about four years to move over to the US and prepare for the Presidential election. I’ll take over the world. 🙂 My aims will be simple; abolish greed, hatred, violence and hunger, promote love and compassion, and bow down to the planet’s needs. Oh – and more chocolate cake for me. 🙂
          It’ll be a doddle. 🙂

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    1. I must have a talent for missing all of the pro-Trump posts… which is probably for the best., as I’m too easily angered by views which violently oppose mine.
      All we can do is to try and keep the faith.

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  2. One could make a similar case of most Presidential candidates, almost forever. One unusual fact is that they; the winners of the race for POTUS are all related to the Brit. royals. Maybe not kissing cousins but related to their gene pool.

    Obviously, money is required to run. For a man that has declared bankruptcy four times, that’s a remarkable feat. Which might go somewhat to explaining the amount of bankers in his government? While I live in western Canada. The media is usually full of the goings-on south of us. As much as Mr. Trump was voted for, it was against Ms. Clinton. Not because she was a woman because she was so corrupt. The lies over Benghazi, the use of the Clinton foundation, as their personal wealth, the trips on the Lolita express, Whitewater and their cocaine running while in Arkansas and lord knows what else. The trail of murder in their wake and on. The fiddling that went on with nominations.

    David Ike described that last election as one between a catastrophe and a disaster. That the disaster won. Another thing to consider is the American two-party State. The general belief in America is that Republican party represents independence of the individual. While Democrats represent Government as an institution. Obviously that’s overstated. But you get the drift? The last POTUS Obama, did much to alienate Americans from their beliefs about their land. The Government Psy-Ops, designed to take away their guns. A medicare that was going to enrich the health providers, etc. All provided a fertile ground for a backlash. Physically, the USA is a huge country. While the media does as it is told. There are many issues, from State to State. The control by Washington DC over the States, always rankles the citizens. So, although there were three candidates on that slate, realistically there was a race only between two. I’ve been scratching my head over it for a long time? Cheers Jamie

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    1. The whole election system in the US is an unfunny joke, even more so than in the UK, where the Labour Party has swung way over to the right, and is struggling to find its way back towards the left, and the Conservatives have drifted so far to the right that they no longer even make a pretence of protecting the poor – off whose backs they’ve always fed. The Lib-Dems are not to be trusted, and the Green Party is practically ignored, largely due to tactical voting. A large portion of the country doesn’t know left from right, and accepts whatever the media tells them – usually something along the lines of “The immigrants are taking our jobs and our houses. If it wasn’t for them we’d all be rich and happy.” There’s a foolish idea that if we threw out anyone with a foreign accent, the Government would restore all the services they’re decimating, sort out the benefits mess which is driving the poor and sick to suicide, and put everything right.
      From what little detail I have about the US candidates who dropped out, I think I would have wished that Bernie Sanders had stayed in the running, and won, but no-one who is prepared to stand is ever likely to be the right person for the job.
      “The general belief in America is that Republican party represents independence of the individual. While Democrats represent Government as an institution.” That’s an interesting fact I wasn’t aware of.


      1. I would say Mr. Sanders won the vote from what I have read. He did not drop out. He stayed to the end. The Democratic National Committee, is believed to have got Ms. Clinton her win. The Britain I grew up in was not part of the EEC. I never felt it was in the citizens interest for it to be so. The free movement of people within the borders of Eu. Has led to much of the discontent for the ordinary person. I am an immigrant, here in Canada. We have our own problems with immigration. Even as someone from England, white, etc. There is prejudice, for me and others. It produces gangs and gang culture. Especially if the immigrants are from war-torn home countries.

        Left and right when it is politics, comes down from the Russian Duma. Where the bolsheviks sat on the left of their speaker. People like Hitler, Stalin and others, were educated by the Order Of Jesus. The Jesuits.

        The idea that any sort of social program is associated with “the left”. Is blatant propaganda. Yet it is used frequently by the media to destroy values of society.

        When younger, I lived in Aberystwyth. The Welsh were then plagued with immigrants from the midlands. People working in the factories of Birmingham and Wolverhampton, especially. They came and bought ridiculously low priced housing, for holiday homes. Which made it difficult for the locals, their kids, to afford. As the prices were driven up. It’s now the same in Canada, but the immigrants can be foreign owners. They buy to flip. That’s a whole other discussion.

        Has it ever struck you? As it has me. The language of political parties. Their names belies their true nature. Here in Canada as in Britain, we have Conservatives. But Conservatives do not conserve. There are Liberals, whose agenda seems to be one, like the American Democrats of a control by government. So, they are not really liberal. The New Democrats the equivalent of British Labour party. Is dictated and uses organized labour from large labour groups to dictate their agendas. So, they are not very democratic. Beside Democracy is an election system. Not really a system of government. That is used to justify waring on other nations. It’s all a system of doublethink.

        I get my news about Britain, from and their news reports may be found on Youtube.

        Anyway, for what it’s worth? I have voted Green for the last 15 years or so. While I do not buy the notion that “Global Warming” is from CO2. One really needs to follow the science of that.

        I do wish that the environment is more protected by governments. To be able to pass down a planet, to the next generations. Not ripped apart, by big mining, water and forest companies. As well I would like to see proportional representation.

        Do I expect them to be successful? … Hardly. But that’s my stand. Cheers Jamie

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        1. I’m up late because I’m standing as Green candidate in a local by-election and have been working on my campaign. I don’t know why they chose me.
          This is just to explain why I can’t give an intelligent response to your message. I’m knackered, but I’ve taken in everything you said.
          I’m for proportional representation, too…


          1. janebasilblog … so I appreciate your reply, even more. Since you managed to read and reply, while under pressure. Why they chose you? I am sure you have many good qualities that shine out. Knackered? Now there’s word I don’t hear too much in Canada. So rock on, my dear. All power to ya’. Cheers Jamie


  3. The White House Bugged:

    “Donald, honey. You be the Pope and I’ll be a nun.”
    “…Hey, it’s working…it’s working!…”
    “…The Lord is my shepherd…”

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  4. A Trump supporter:
    “I voted for Trump and that is Donald Trump because I know Jesus hates gays and I want a wall billed to keep out Syrians climbing over and raping my cows and if Trump is Pope he can do that and yes he will do it and did and his hair must have its own show as the Muppets and a Christian beliefs and that Muslims can go back into Mordor if in the the Bible it is written which not evolution did if Jesus made dinosaurs and finally Hallellular Hallylooler Halleyleyar said the Lord and Trump will bomb them until for peace to us all A men.”


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