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Carrying the Message

I had to reblog this, written by recovery advocate, Vanessa Day. All of her post are inspiring, but this one is particularly touching.

Free to Be V

I met a woman once, when I was volunteering in a women’s prison, who had spent the last 15 years of her life as a prostitute in active addiction.

She didn’t want to be at my meeting. She was one of the ladies who was required to be there. I could see it on her face the moment she walked in. She was hardened and probably took one look at me and thought, “What the hell does this little blonde lady think she is going to teach me about life?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought that, and I wouldn’t blame her either. I don’t look like society’s picture of an addict, not anymore. Her feelings toward me were probably the exact same feelings I felt when I found myself in the rooms for the first time. All I knew how to do was compare myself to others at…

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