Knitting a Life



When your place in this world
becomes too complex to contemplate,
and the origin of the grit in your eye
can no longer be placed,
it is best to meditate
on the inch of fine thread
that will lead you to the next step.

Take it one stitch at a time,
and don’t worry about
the final shape
of the finished piece.

There is a time for forward planning; a time to set goals and work toward ambitious aspirations. There is also a time to focus only on the next small step, not trying to control or manipulate future events. Knitting has helped me to focus on the moment, and stop trying to force change. Right now, if I stay calm and trust the future to unfold gently, it is more likely to do so.

Inspired by a ball of wool and Reena’s Exploration Challenge.

©Jane Paterson Basil

27 thoughts on “Knitting a Life

  1. This is excellent Jane. Just recently, the past week to be exact, I came across a woman who knits the Christmas Nativity scene and so I bought one from her. The amount of work I can understand is huge but it also reminded me of my mother sitting in the kitchen knitting all sorts of things as I grew up. So keep up the knitting its a great skill to have and from what you say a wonderful way to stay sane in this world.


  2. Great piece Jane, handiwork can always soothe the soul in calming ways and I can see how knitting does this for you. I tried to knit a scarf once, didn’t go so well….no patience for it 🙂 peace and love, K

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    1. No – not my doll, I’m afraid. My grandson asked me to knit him some socks, so that’s what I’m doing. I was a bit rusty at first – I haven’t knitted for at least 25 years, but I’m getting into the swing of it now.

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    1. Thank you for the follow. I checked out your site last night, and loved your conversation with “Fuck”. I wanted to comment on it, but you’d already received so many comments that I thought you’d be sick of the subject 🙂


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