Blue without you

BeFunky Collage Sock

Maybe I seemed to take you for granted,
maybe you always felt supplanted
by my oft and careless controlling acts,
but I thought you wanted to tread in my tracks.
I always loved both of you equally,
you and your sister were kind to me.
We walked about the world with pride.
the two of you marching side-by side
while with my feet I’d lead the way,
revelling in our intimacy.

I feel the guilt; was I to blame
for your twin sister’s grief and shame?
While wrapped around my toes she stares
at my left foot so stark and bare.
I haven’t the heart to put on my shoe
and cover that sad scrap of blue.
Friends may shake their heads and say
You’ll have to throw that sock away –
it has no use with out it’s twin.
Put it behind you and start again.”

I haven’t the heart to forget the past,
I thought I’d found a love to last.
I should have checked the washing machine –
I blanch at what a fool I’ve been.
Two socks went in, just one came out
and though I’ve wept and searched about
the sock is gone, it is not there
and I am broken past repair.
Oh! blue cotton beauty, come back to me,
I’ll love you throughout eternity.

©Jane Paterson Basil

22 thoughts on “Blue without you

      1. Oh, no – they’re real beloved missing socks. Terrible. I have a favourite pair of socks too – a pair of walking socks, most I every spent on a single pair to go with my walking boots. They are the best fitting, most comfy … My feet sigh with relief when I wear them X

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          1. Yes, the largest single sock investment of my life! But you can at least feel the quality of them. They feel like they’re made for me. Wonderful. Intrigued about Sockgate – I will keep looking in to see further developments

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            1. All of the 39 flats in this building share the laundry room. A few weeks ago I lost four odd socks. I wish I had checked the line a few days later. When tenants find other peoples bits and pieces mixed up with theirs, they often put them on the line that runs across the room. My socks probably stayed up there for a few days, until someone decided they weren’t going to be claimed, and threw them away.

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        1. Ooh err! Sounds painful!
          BTW The sun has just set. Purple and red mountains have risen up on the horizon. Just in front of it, miles from here, someone is setting off fireworks. It’s amazingly beautiful and strange.

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