The return of the prodigal sock


My sock came back!
My sock is back!
Oh joy of joys
my sock is back!

I went to the laundry room to find
my blue sock hanging on the line.
Imagine my relief and surprise –
it wasn’t even traumatised.
It gave me a look as if to say
“I’ve only been on holiday.”
Its other half is so excited
now that they are reunited,
and I’m as happy as can be;
my sock has been returned to me.

©Jane Paterson Basil

30 thoughts on “The return of the prodigal sock

      1. There’s a great music to his words, isn’t there. I remember reading a few of his books to my son years ago. And they’re nonsense, of course, which kids always find entertaining.


            1. The Mr Men hadn’t been born when i was a child. I wonder if I would have liked them – to be fair, it was a clever idea to add bodies to individual characteristics, and build stories around them. as an adult, I was probably missing the point.

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                    1. That’s possible. I’m sure there’s a Fruit Marketing Board. I think it was the Apple Marketing Board that banned the sale of a lot of our best apples, because they didn’t like the competion.

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                    2. They can’t stop people from growing them, or giving away saplings, but it’s illegal to sell the trees or the apples. There’s an apple society that tries to ensure we don’t lose any more old varieties.

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                    3. That’s the most ridiculous thing ever! Destroying diversity and all for commercial reasons? Makes me despair for the human race when I hear about decisions like that.

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                    4. Tell me about it. Just signed a petition against Tax Credit cuts. Lots of privately educated MPs on £67,000 plus a year calling for people working in mimimum wage jobs to lose the extra support they need just to get by … What a world.

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                    5. I signed that about 3 minutes ago.
                      Maybe Jeremy Corbyn will turn things around a little, but by the time he gets into power – if he gets into power – there will be a terrible mess to sort out, not that there isn’t already.
                      I think I’m repeating myself…

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                    6. Much as I admire many of his ideas about a fairer society, I have my doubts the man will make it to the next election as Labour leader, let alone get enough votes to get into power. Many people have an investment in an unjust society – they make money so sod everyone else. The media has had the knives out for him from the word go and as many people don’t bother to read below or around the main headlines … I fear we’re facing a Tory nation for some time to come.

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                    7. I can’t hear you. I’m up to my neck in sand, and I like it.
                      Or perhaps it’s the only way I can cope. I avoid headlines and the lies beneath them. I generally discover what is happening in the world by accident.
                      Perhaps I’m a coward, but it feels like survival to me.

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  1. lol, both your sock poems so made me smile – the beginning of the first one was so effective and convincing as really being about twin children so the next verse was a pleasant surprise – except for the missing sock of course! Very glad it came back to you 🙂

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    1. So am I. I’ve lost too many good friends in that laundry room, and all of them left their twins behind, grieving; their whole purpose cruelly snached from them, destined to spend eternities gathering dust in the bottom of the wardrobe, waiting for the sister who never returns.

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        1. Now why didn’t I think of that?
          Actually I took the odd socks to Oxfam. A couple of weeks ago a girl wanted to put on socks before trying on a pair of shoes, and we didn’t have any – we recycle donated socks unless they’re still in their packaging.

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