and we danced


like a giant
you filled my vision
eclipsing the milling mass
blue eyes bigging me to your size
arms unable to wait
and we danced
two giants
so intent on  passion
we didn’t see blurred mortals fall
or feel their bones smash
beneath our feet

The Daily Post #Giant

©Jane Paterson Basil

21 thoughts on “and we danced

    1. It’s a metaphor for an illicit love affair that began before I knew the man in question was engaged, and ended 40 years ago. It refers to the first time we danced together. As he walked toward me I got tunnel vision. It’s a weird experience.
      Even though I’ve been married and had four children since, all of my love poems are about him.

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  1. Jane, Isn’t the story of human relationships and feelings so very odd? I still love all three of my late wives in their way and my present one very deeply. But it’s the picture of my Vietnamese wife and of our lovely daughter I can never get out of my vision. Love.Anton x

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    1. Is that so odd, Anton? They were torn away from you suddenly and violently, together, in one fell swoop; a massive trauma. Also, perhaps that wife was the great love of your life.
      I’m glad you’re hanging in there, and hope your faith has rebalanced itself. I think of you often, with affection and gratitude for bringing to the forefront of my mind the lessons my mother tried so hard to teach me. Love, Jane xx


  2. thanks Jane. I’ve never reminded anyone of their mother before! Alas you will know from my post yesterday that my time blogging is up, but I shall still follow you with appropriate comments 🙂. You are one of the people who have kept me going through everything for the past few years. I can’t thank you enough. Yes Anh probably was my greatest love because every hour with her was happy for such a short time and so quickly eradicated. I often wonder what she would look like now and even more Gemma and any possible children of hers. Hey ho, do keeping invoking miracles for me. Love Anton.xx

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    1. If you have need to thank me, then I, equally, owe you my thanks for so much. Here’s an example; your encouragement led me to write a book describing the events of the past fifteen years of my life; in particular, the actions of my addicted son and daughter. I decided not to submit it to publishers, as publication would damage them and other family members, but writing it helped me to come to terms with their choices, and move forward.
      There’s more, but that will do; I’ve said all the rest before 🙂 Love, Jane xx


  3. Love this Jane 🙂 I’m back home now – just – and trying to play catch up. I just ran out of decent internet connections along the way – and time. So the writing course too has suffered. Not sure if I can catch up on that, but I intend to copy all the classes and perhaps play with the assignments for blogging. Not sure. Hope you have been well.

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    1. Welcome home Raili. I haven’t been around much either. I’ve joined an online writer’s group, and found it more time-consuming than I expected. Once I’ve established my place there I’ll try to get a balance between that and WP. As for the course, I was thinking of doing the same as you xxx

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        1. That’s how I feel. I have so many issues with it. If it hadn’t been for the amount of time wasted messing around I may have kept up with the course. It’s a shame, because it has a lot of potential. It points out details I’ve never considered.

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