11 thoughts on “Magic words

    1. Thank you, Lynn. It started off as a rant about an awful book I started reading, and tried to finish, as I wanted to know whether the mystery was ever solved, but at about line four it darkened. Addiction is a shadow which refuses to dissipate.

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      1. Ooh, intrigued to know what the book was. It is a shadow, a weight that crushes people. Not sure if it’s becoming more commonplace, but was saying to the other half the other day, our city seems to be filling with homeless, lost, desperate people. You see so many with drink, drug, mental health issues, people who’ve dropped off society’s radar

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        1. The book was The End of my Tether, by Neil Astley. It’s probably as good as the reviews said, but I didn’t get it.
          Our young are becoming dispossessed. This could be the start of another of my rants, but I’m going to resist the temptation.
          Bloody government…

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          1. I’m sure some of it is the product of various housing / welfare changes. When I talk to my friend who works in an advice centre, the stories are heartbreaking. We should make MPs who legislate on these things go and work a few shifts for her, get shouted at and abused by people who don’t understand why they’re about to be evicted, why they have to go to food banks just to eat. Grrr again

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