An Announcement in Poetry

2017-07-07 18.50.47.jpg

He lit her fire and felt the radiating glow
that lay unkindled through the blunted, charcoal years,
and now, at 3 am, her eyes are closed, her frame in safe recline
while he and I discuss the coming celebration
as if we were alone.

I think that she’s asleep,
but David knows that when her name is spoken,
her lovely eyes will open, and she’ll surprise me with a dazzling smile
which, had I questions in my head, would reconcile them, every one.
She’ll rise up fast and cross the room to kiss his head,
then sleepily retrace her steps to lie back down again,
while both of us devour the sight of reclaimed beauty.

It happens every time.

This is no fickle game, no touch-and-go,
no trumped-up love to end in tears,
no dirty trick to try her luck,
no shameful scam to make a buck.

She’s gone so far beyond her ruinsome loyalty to dangerous desires,
and found a life that’s richer than a pirate’s buried chest of gems.
I watch and know she’ll never lose herself again.

I catch his eye, and it is like a sibling’s hug.

This marriage is no sacrifice, no grateful gift for what he did.
My daughter found a home in him, a home she never knew before.
I love this trying, loyal man who loves to disagree
with all the views I hold most dear,
this roughly mined black diamond who saved my child’s life.
I love our friendship, love our differences and little wars,
but most of all I love the way he loves my daughter,
and I’ll be proud to call him

This rhyme is artlessly arranged, but I won’t change a word of it. It’s the only way I know to finally share my daughter’s forthcoming marriage to Dave.

Image: My sleepy girl before she decided it was time to lie down on my sofa and go to sleep, while Dave and I watched over her, discussed wedding plans, and generally enjoyed an all-nighter.

©Jane Paterson Basil

43 thoughts on “An Announcement in Poetry

    1. Thank you Lynn. This may amuse you; it’s going to be a church wedding. I think Laura wants to be a princess for a day. Under the circumstances, that’s understandable. I’ll try not to make the event into a farce by turning up in a ragged, mud-splattered wedding dress and trying to wrestle the groom from her hands, for the benefit of the few people who are in on the joke (Dave’s older brother is the silly man who claims to be in love with me. He was convinced that there was a spark between Dave and I, and we were going to end up together, when in fact we were just friends). I don’t think the C of E would appreciate my sense of humour.

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      1. Ha! Yes, running off with the groom would shock the vicar alright! I love churches – problem is I only love them for ther history, art and architecture! Laura deserves to be a princess for a day, so why not? Have you bought your hat yet? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Not yet, but this is where you come in. Being mother-of the bride, I have the right to wear the largest hat, so I have designed, and intend to fashion, a rather attractive wide-brimmed pink and violet one with a cute ginger cat curled around the circumference. Its mouth will be clamped around a fetching bouquet of flowers. Since you are a florist, I was going to ask you if you’d kindly arrange the bouquet. You get to choose the blooms, bearing in mind that I’m frightfully fond of pom-pom dahlias. Would 27p cover the expense?

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          1. Sounds perfect! Will the cat be live or stuffed? I’m afraid to say the cost will be more like £1 if the cat is still with us. The risk of fleas, of scratching and biting etc. I hope you understand 🙂

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            1. I can’t afford that much – it will have to be stuffed 🙂
              Speaking of fleas, On the plane, coming back from Spain, my leg kept itching, and when I got home and took my jeans off I discovered a Spanish flea hopping about inside them! It’s a good job I wasn’t searched at customs – they’d probably have fined me for trying to smuggle a pet into the country 🙂

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              1. Ha! and Ergh! Wonder where you picked him up from? I did a neighbour a favour once by feeding her cats and goldfish while she was away for a few days. Both my son and I ended up with flea bites all over our ankles and one of the cats bit me! We did not volunteer for that job again.

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  1. Fabulous and beautiful all rolled into one. It brings me happiness to see the beauty you see in your own eyes. Finally! So incredibly happy and may they both have a long, loving life together.


    1. He’s my friend who offered to take care of her in Bristol. That makes it sound bad, but he had no ulterior motive; he just wanted to support her through recovery. She fell in love with him. I’m amazed, because his wife died prematurely some years back and he told me ages ago that way back that he’d never marry again. He’s a lot older than Laura, with three grown children who are delighted to see him so happy.
      It was wonderful to see my brother. His wife was generous and accommodating and I totally fell in love with my 8 year old nephew.

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            1. Being drug free, he sees the devastation he wrought. He has bad dreams about the stupid crime that landed him in prison. His old friends turn away when they see him. It’s hard to know what to do for him.


    1. Thank you. It was an emotional time for me. Against all the odds, my daughter recovered from drug addiction. She’d been heading for death, and now she’s marrying the man who supported her through recovery.
      I can’t get onto your etsy – the link on your blog didn’t work for me.

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