Greed and hunger


far away
a child starves
while the fat ones
bemoan their perceived poverty
filling their faces with too much food
covering their vain tattoos with the latest fashion
before going home in their fuel-guzzling metal monsters
to rooms so stuffed with luxury goods
that their essential electronic toys
have to be produced in

tinier than
the starving child’s

<> <> <>

Written for The Daily Post #Miniature

©Jane Paterson Basil

13 thoughts on “Greed and hunger

  1. Hi Jane. I wish there was equality in the world also. “Perceived poverty” of not having enough/wanting more and true poverty of having little or nothing is something that is ignored by many. Such a sad state of affairs in the world and local communities. Loved your powerful statement. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Olga. It’s something I always think about when someone complains about being hard-up when they’ve just bought a brand new luxury item. I wish more people would check out the charity shops before making a purchase. In the UK every town and city is packed with charity shops, and they’re full of quality donated items.

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    1. One day the rich will look at their bulging coffers and know that possessions are worth nothing until the last hungry mouth is fed, until every human being on the planet has clean water to drink and to bathe in, clothes to protect them from the cold and from the anger of the sun, shelter to keep them safe, medicine to heal their sickness, useful employment to give them a sense of pride and independence.
      ow does that sound?

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